Star Wars Republic Commando Saving an old memory!

Star Wars Republic Commando Saving an old memory!

Delta Squad (Star Wars Republic Commando) artwork

Delta squad in the middle of nowhere

Delta squad are the republic's best special unit squad. 

The battle of nowhereEdit

In the battle of nowhere, the fusion federation had a special destructive weapon underground, ready to destroy the 501st legion. However, delta squad had found the weapon, and detonated it. After this, delta squad came back up, and the battle was won. The commandos headed through the savage land.

Holding off!Edit

Dexlabs discovered that the only way to escape nowhere was through the savage land. Delta squad had went to the savage land. Once there, they had encountered sauron (Marvel's sauron). The deltas battled him and some dinosaurs for about ten minutes. After this, sauron had all of the commandos defeated. 07 was on a tree, and shot a bullet with his sniper rifle right through sauron's heart, thus killing sauron as he fell in the lava. Delta squad then was revived to health by 07. Delta squad then left the savage land, arriving in central city. Dexlabs' robots and a clone army now have colonized the entire savage land. At one point, tranadoshans had colonized the home starship of delta squad once again. Delta squad cleared the ship of the tranadoshan slime.