"I'll save the future!"

Silver: Present and futureEdit

In the future, silver is one of the surviving heroes. He later returns to the present to help in the war!

In the present, silver can be found at green hill zone. He gives the mission: Eternal flames

Silver the hedgehog
Some attributes
First Series: Sonic the hedgehog
Second Role: Hero
Third Parents: Unknown
Other attributes

Eternal flames campaign

Step 1: Go to aquatic base

"Great! Find the database!"

Step 2: Find the database

"Wow. Dr Doom and Mephiles are planning to find information on the flames of disaster and revive it? No!"

Step 3: Teleport to the jedi temple on the chaos device sent by dexter.

"Warn master yoda!"

Step 4: Warn master yoda!

"Hmmmm. Send anakin skywalker and obi wan kenobi to the archives, i will."

Step 5: Help anakin and obi wan defeat metal silver and metal sonic!

"We'll be back for the holocrons and revive iblis!"

Step 6: Destroy the iblis holocron!

"Thanks for everything."